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2006-2007 Catalog and Student Handbook 
2006-2007 Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Traffic and Parking

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Traffic and parking regulations are established and enforced to assure the rights and privileges of visitors, students, faculty, staff, and others who operate motor vehicles on the Northeast State campus. The college believes that operating a vehicle on campus is a privilege and not necessarily a right. The following regulations and procedures are essential to ensure safe, efficient traffic flow of vehicles and pedestrians.

Registration of Vehicles

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  1. All vehicles operated on a Northeast State campus by students, faculty, staff and all other employees must be registered with the school as required by the Tennessee Board of Regents. The annual registration period begins August 1 and extends through July 31 of the following year.
  2. A parking hang tag will be issued by the Office of Police and Safety. Students are responsible for picking up hang tags at the Office of Police and Safety. Students must present a current fee receipt marked paid and complete the campus vehicle registration form(s) in order to receive a hang tag. The form(s) will include name, social security number and address of the applicant. The hang tag must be prominently displayed on the car’s rear view mirror. The observer should be able to clearly read the hang tag number and year.
  3. All student, staff and faculty vehicles parked on Northeast State property must have a current hang tag.
  4. No student will be permitted to obtain a hang tag for another student. Students will only be issued one hang tag.
  5. Temporary parking permits may be issued to visitors who will be on Northeast State’s campus for extended periods of time. These permits shall not exceed five days and must be displayed on the auto dashboard or attached to the handlebars of motorcycles. Requests for extensions must be made to the Director of Police and Safety.
  6. Students, staff and faculty must obtain a temporary pass from the Office of Police and Safety if they drive a vehicle on campus without a hang tag.
  7. Students, staff and faculty requiring special parking considerations because of physical disabilities, either permanent or temporary, must obtain a disabled parking hang tag (permanent or temporary). Approval for such a parking permit must be obtained from the Office of Police and Safety.

General Regulations

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  1. The speed limit for all vehicles is 15 miles per hour.
  2. Pedestrians always have the right of way.
  3. Vehicles must come to a complete stop at stop signs.
  4. Loading zones are reserved for twenty minute loading and unloading only.
  5. Unnecessary noise from horns or mufflers is prohibited.
  6. Parking is permitted only in areas designated for parking.
  7. Vehicles parked in fire lanes and loading zones will be towed away at the owner’s expense. Fire lanes are designated as all curbed areas adjacent to any building on campus.
  8. Accidents should be reported to campus police.
  9. Littering of parking areas is prohibited.
  10. Loud, disruptive music is prohibited.
  11. Students, staff, and faculty are not permitted to park in a visitor parking space.

Parking Zones

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  1. Student parking is permitted only in designated areas.
  2. Staff parking areas are reserved for faculty and staff.
  3. Visitor parking areas are reserved for visitors; other vehicles will receive citations.
  4. Disabled parking areas are reserved for vehicles with displayed Northeast State disabled hang tags.
  5. All parking should be done in such a manner as not to interfere with general traffic flow nor impede another properly parked vehicle. Parking on grass is prohibited
  6. Parking on weekends and after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays is permissible in all zones except in those designated as handicapped, fire lanes, and 24-hour faculty/staff parking lots.
  7. Visitors and guests receiving citations should return them to the Director of Police and Safety.


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  1. The fine for parking violations is $5 for the first violation, $10 for the second violation, $25 for the third violation, $50 for the fourth violation, and $50 for each subsequent violation. Fines apply to each semester.
  2. The fine for parking in a disabled zone is $100 per offense.
  3. The fine for speeding or reckless driving is $15 per offense.
  4. The fine for parking in a fire lane is $50 per offense.
  5. The fine for failure to display a hang tag is $10 for each violation.

Payment of Fines

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  1. Fines are payable to the Business Office. Normal Business Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Fines may also be paid by mail. Evening students may pay fines through the Office of Admissions and Records, Monday-Thursday from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  2. Non-payment of fines will result in an encumbrance of the student’s records, preventing graduation and/or release of transcripts and grade reports. Further registration at Northeast State will be prohibited until fines have been satisfied.

Student Traffic Court

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The Northeast State Student Traffic Court hears student appeals of tickets evolving from the violation(s) of the Traffic and Parking Regulations on the campus through regular court sessions and sessions to review online appeals. [Exception: Citations for parking in a handicap zone must be appealed to the Vice President for Business Affairs through the Director of Police and Safety.] The President of the Student Government Association appoints a Chief Justice and a number of students to serve as Student Justices on the Student Traffic Court. The Chief Justice presides over all cases brought before the court and the Chief Justice maintains court records. An official court session must have three justices, including the Chief Justice or his or her designee present.

Appeals Function

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The Northeast State Student Traffic Court hears contested student cases for all violations other than parking in handicap zone offenses. Student Justices receiving citations may contest the citations before the Student Traffic Court only on court dates during which they are not actively serving. Online appeals are reviewed by the Chief Justice of the Student Traffic Court and a minimum of two additional Student Justices during special called sessions of the Student Traffic Court. The issuing campus Police Officer of a designee is asked to appear before the court to explain the citation.

The decision of the Student Traffic Court is final. The Associate Vice President of Student Affairs may approve a rehearing of a case upon presentation of new significant evidence or substantiated allegations of due process violation by the accused student. Such evidence must be presented along with a written appeal within 48 hours of the original verdict. Paid citations are not subject to appeal.

A schedule of dates for regular sessions of the Student Traffic Court for each semester is available in the Office of Police and Safety. Students are required to register for a regular session hearing. If the student fails to appear before the Student Traffic Court, the right to a hearing is forfeited and the charges and fine affixed. Students are required to present their ticket to the Student Traffic Court on the date of their regular session hearing.

Students may appeal online at Please allow two week for processing online appeals. The verdict will be e-mailed to the student by the Chief Justice. Upon receipt of the verdict, the student must replay by e-mail with two business days whether he or she accepts or declines the verdict. A non-response will result in the charges and fine affixed and the student’s college records remaining encumbered until the citation is paid.

Parking in a handicap zone violations must be appealed to the Vice President for Business Affairs through the Director of Police and Safety.


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Visitors are always welcome on the Northeast State campus. Areas for visitor parking are clearly marked. Visitor passes are available in the Office of Police and Safety. Visitors who receive citations should return the citation to the Office of Police and Safety.

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