May 24, 2018  
2006-2007 Catalog and Student Handbook 
2006-2007 Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pre-Teacher Education - A.S.T. Degree

General Education Requirements

Note: All courses must be from the approved list of General Education courses for each category listed in the General Education section of this catalog.

General Courses

  • Literature - Select one course Credits: 3
  • Speech - Select one course Credits: 3

Humanities/Fine Arts - Credits: 6

Select one:

Natural/Physical Science

  • Select one BIOL course from approved list, Credits:4

Emphasis Courses

  • Select one ASTR course, Credits 4

Total Credit Hours: 60

Transfer Requirements

These A.A. and A.S. guides are designed to facilitate transfer to ETSU unless otherwise noted. Students who intend to transfer to a different institution should consult their advisor and the receiving institution for specific course selections.

Additional Degree Requirements:
1. Attainment of 2.75 cumulative grade point average
2. Successful completion of Praxis I
3. Satisfactory rating on an index of suitability for the teaching profession (procedure will be developed through collaboration between university and community college representatives)