2023-2024 Catalog 
    Feb 21, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog

Automotive Technology - Concentration: Automotive Specialist

The Automotive Specialist* concentration is designed for students who wish to complete a two-year technical degree applicable to immediate employment in the automotive industry. The program allows students flexibility in selecting courses that can meet specific educational and employment goals. The program prepares students for unique positions in the workplace which includes automotive service, motor sports and/or auto body industries. The Automotive Specialist program is used to meet customized, industry-specific needs and/or unique academic and career goals identified by the student.

Based on the selection of desired pathways, the student will gain knowledge in the following topic areas:

Automotive Service

The Automotive Service program prepares individuals as automotive technicians and as automotive service center managers. Topics studied include automotive troubleshooting/maintenance and the repair of engines, drive trains, suspension systems, electrical/electronic systems, emission control systems, and heating/air conditioning systems.

Motor Sports

The Motor Sports program prepares individuals for employment in the motor sports automotive service industry as an entry-level technician. With the acquired skills and knowledge gained, individuals will be able to perform regular maintenance to improve performance, to diagnose, and to perform corrective maintenance. Individuals will use state of the art equipment and skills involving manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination.

Auto Body/Collision Repair

The Auto Body/Collision Repair program prepares individuals with knowledge and skills that will enable them to repair a modern automobile that has been involved in a major or minor collision. After completing the program, the student should be able to repair and replace front end components, body components, doors, frame, and under-body subsystems.

General Education Requirements

Note: All courses must be from the Approved Courses for General Education  courses for each category listed in the General Education section of this catalog.

Learning Support

Additional courses may be required to overcome deficiencies in English, mathematics, and reading.

Typical Program of Study




Total Credit Hours: 60

For Further Information

Ernie Morelock
Instructor, Automotive Service
Telephone: 423.354.2401


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