2012-2013 Catalog and Student Handbook 
    May 26, 2024  
2012-2013 Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

About Northeast State

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Northeast State Community College is located adjacent to the Tri-Cities Regional Airport in Sullivan County, Tennessee. The main campus is centrally located to the cities of Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport. The college also occupies educational facilities in Elizabethton, Gray, and Kingsport.


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The history of Northeast State Community College reflects the changing educational needs of the residents of the five Northeast Tennessee counties which it serves. The college began as Tri-Cities State Area Vocational-Technical School in 1966 under the governance of the State Board for Vocational Education. In 1970, the mission was expanded and the school became a regional center for vocational and technical training. The scope was again expanded in 1978 to include the awarding of both one-year certificates and associate degrees in technology and the name was changed to Tri-Cities State Technical Institute. Effective on July 1, 1983, Tri-Cities State Tech was placed under the governance of the Tennessee State Board of Regents and became part of the State University and Community College System of Tennessee. On July 1, 1990, a university parallel component was added, and the institution’s name was changed to Northeast State Technical Community College.  On July 1, 2009, the name of the institution was changed to Northeast State Community College to better reflect the diverse range of programs offered by the institution.

As a comprehensive community college, Northeast State provides university parallel programs designed for students desiring to transfer to another college or university, career programs for students planning to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation, and continuing education and community service programs for professional growth and personal enrichment to the citizens of Carter, Johnson, Sullivan, Unicoi and Washington Counties. In partnership with the community, the college sustains the effort toward improving the quality of life for residents of the upper East Tennessee region.


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Northeast State shall be a premier learning-centered institution whose students and graduates are among the best-prepared individuals to meet current and emerging needs.


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Northeast State is an open-access, public, comprehensive community college that advances the lifelong educational development of the residents of the region and strengthens the economic and social/cultural aspects of the community. To facilitate teaching, learning, service, and student success, the College provides innovative, high-quality, and relevant associate, certificate, and career-focused educational programs and services. Programming and comprehensive support services are offered through varied delivery systems and at multiple sites throughout its primary service area of Carter, Johnson, Sullivan, Unicoi, and Washington counties. Within all aspects of its operations, Northeast State serves as the public’s interest through the wise use of fiscal, human, and physical resources.

Guiding Beliefs

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Northeast State Community College embraces these guiding beliefs:

  1. Accessibility – Residents should have the opportunity to reach their full potential through participation in higher education.
  2. Accountability – Effectiveness and efficiency are achieved through the wise use of fiscal, human, and physical resources.
  3. Cooperation – Forming partnerships and working with others facilitates the achievement of common goals.
  4. Diversity – Creativity and achievement are fostered through respect for all individuals and their ideas.
  5. Excellence – Quality is ensured by using information gathered through a continuous assessment, planning, and implementation process.
  6. Integrity – Success occurs in an environment of honesty, openness, fairness and trust where people are treated with dignity and respect.

Registration and Grade Information

Application, Financial Aid, Registration, and Grade Information

Web Address: http://www.NortheastState.edu click on Admissions

Campus Directory

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Academic Standing, Probation, Dismissal and Reinstatement   Admissions and Records
Academic Advising   Faculty Advisor or Student Success Center
Accelerated Studies Program   Evening and Distance Education
Adding/Dropping Classes    Admissions and Records
Admission to the College   Admissions and Records
Advanced Placement, Auditing Courses   Admissions and Records
Alumni   Scholarship Programs and Alumni Affairs
Appeal of Parking and Traffic Tickets   Student Life
Assessment (ACT, COMPASS, Proficiency Profile, CLEP)   Testing Services
Books and Supplies   Bookstore
Bulletin Board Information Approval   Student Life
Campus Tour   Student Information Center
Career Planning   Student Success Center
Class Attendance   Faculty
College Publications   Marketing
College Access   Evening and Distance Education
Continuing Education   Workforce Solutions
Cooperative Education   Advanced Technologies
Course Overload Approval   Academic Affairs
Credit by Examination   Advanced and Business Technologies
Disabilities   Center for Students with Disabilities
Disciplinary Action   Student Affairs
Employment Assistance   Career and Employment Services
Evening Courses   Evening and Distance Education
Grades and Grade Appeals   Academic Division Offices
Graduation   Registrar
Grants, Loans, Work Study   Financial Aid
High School Transition Programs   Evening and Distance Education
Identification Cards   Admissions and Records
Insurance   Student Health Services
Internet Courses   Evening and Distance Education
Intramurals   Student Life
Jump Start Advanced Studies Program   Evening and Distance Education
Library Services   Library
Lost and Found/Motor Vehicle Registration/Parking   Police and Safety
New Student Orientation   Enrollment Services
Non-Credit Courses   Workforce Solutions
Off-Campus Credit Classes and Sites   Evening and Distance Education
Payment of College Obligations   Business Office
Payment of Parking and Traffic Tickets   Business Office
Personal Injury   Police and Safety
Public Relations   Community Relations
Refunds   Business Office
Registration   Admissions and Records
RODP   Evening and Distance Education
Scholarships   Scholarship Programs and Alumni Affairs
Student Complaints   Student Affairs
Student Activities   Student Life
Telecourses   Evening and Distance Education
Testing   Testing Services
Transfer Credit   Admissions and Records
Tutoring   The Learning Center
Veterans Benefits   Veterans Affairs
Weekend College   Evening and Distance Education
Withdrawal from College   Admissions and Records


Campus Telephone Directory (423 Area Code)

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General Inquiries/Campus Operator   323.3191 or 282.0800
Academic Affairs   279.7632
Admissions and Records   323.0253 or 800.836.7822
Advanced Technologies   279.7639
Alumni Affairs   279.7637
Behavioral and Social Sciences Division   354.2457
Bookstore   279.3340
Business Affairs   323.0205
Business Office   323.0258
Business Technologies   354.2420
Campus Information   323.0243
Career and Employment Services   354.5167
Center for Students with Disabilities   279.7640 (TDD and voice)
Community Relations   323.0259
Evening and Distance Education   323.0221
Fax, Main Campus   279.7636
Financial Aid   323.0252
Foundation   279.7630
GED   323.0211
Health-Related Professions Division   323.0238
Human Resources   323.0204
Honors Program   323.0218 or 354.2596
Humanities Division   323.0218
Institutional Effectiveness   354.2445
Learning Support Program   323.0219
Library   279.7641
Marketing   354.5143
Mathematics Division   323-0219
Mountain City ITV Classroom   727.5223
Northeast State at Elizabethton   547.8450
Northeast State at Gray   354.5141
Northeast State at Kingsport   354.2525
The Kingsport Higher Education Center   354.5521
The Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing   354.5149
The Regional Center for Applied Technology   354.2525
The Regional Center for Health Professions   323.0248
Nursing Division   354.5108
Office of Enrollment Services   323-0229
Office of Police and Safety  

323.0255 or 677.7927 (cell)

President’s Office   323.0201
Purchasing    323.0207
Registrar   354.2405
Scholarship Programs   279.7637
Science Division   279.7659
Student Affairs   354.2529
Student Success Center   323.0214
Student Life   354.2474
Student Support Services   323.0216
The Learning Center   354.5112
Veterans Information   323.0210
Workforce Solutions   354.2570



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