2022-2023 Catalog 
    Mar 01, 2024  
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Catalog Addendum



Updated the ATMAE address.

Academic Calendar


Updated the TBA dates for fees due and refund dates.


Academic Programs


Certificate Credit Change
Due to credit hour decrease in WELD 1410 and increase in WELD 2120, the following certificate decreased overall credit hours from 27 to 26.

Combination Welding Certificate  


Course Changes
WELD 2010 - Pattern Development II was deleted from the following degree and replaced with WELD 2220 - Pipe Welding II. Credit hours changed as noted below.

Industrial Technology - Concentration: Welding/Metal Fabrication  



Program Addition
Approval for the Fleet Maintenance and Repair certificate received from TBR.

Fleet Maintenance and Light Repair Certificate  


Approval for the Industrial Process Assistant certificate received from TBR.

Industrial Process Assistant Certificate  



Course Changes
Pharmacology was removed as three 1 credit hour courses and replaced with one 3 credit hour course.

Nursing (LPN to RN)  



Credit Hour Correction
Total credit hours for the the A.S. Tennessee Transfer Pathway in Accounting were corrected from 60 to 62. The 1 credit hour general elective was removed and BUSN 1305, a 3 credit hour course was added.

Accounting (A.S. Degree) Tennessee Transfer Pathway  



Additional Information Modified
Removed BIOL 2230 from the additional information section in the A.S. University Parallel Pre-Nursing Transfer to Milligan University. The articulation agreement no longer suggests BIOL 2230 needs to be taken prior to nursing courses.

Pre-Nursing Transfer to Milligan University (A.S. Degree)  



Corrected error in the AP Exam table. French with a score of 3 will award credit for French 1010, 1020, 2010, 2020. 2010 and 2020 was an error and removed.

Course Description



ART 1600 - ♦Introduction to Digital Media  had a decrease in credit hours from 4 to 3 and deletion of the prerequisite and corequisite.

DGM 1600 - ♦Fundamentals of 2D Animation  had the corequisite deleted.




WELD 2220 - Pipe Welding II  course added to extend student knowledge of the subject.


WELD 2010 - Pattern Development II course was deleted and content added to WELD 1010 and WELD 2220.


WELD 1010 - Pattern Development  had title change to drop off the “I”. Content/course description changed to cover the deletion of WELD 2010 - Pattern Development II.

WELD 1410 - Metallurgy and Materials Testing  credit hours decreased from 4 to 2. New metallurgy lab has increased efficiency and decreased time needed.

WELD 2120 - Pipe Welding  credit hours increased from 3 to 4. More time needed for students in lab setting.



Twenty Aviation Technology courses needed to be modified due to changes in the FAA regulations going into effect September 21, 2022. Eight Power Plant course lecture and lab contact hours were corrected from an error that had the hours listed fewer than required.

AVIT 1310 - 1560 and AVIT 2310 - 2540, excluding AVIT 2391 and 2491




NRSG 1320 , NRSG 1330 , NRSG 1340 , NRSG 1360 , NRSG 1600 , NRSG 1620 , NRSG 1710 , NRSG 2240 , NRSG 2630 , and NRSG 2640  required modifications to prerequisites and corequisites due to the fact Pharmacology was changed from three 1 credit hour courses to one 3 credit hour course.

Cost and Financial Aid

Added a link to Veteran and Military Students section. Added new statement about enrollment verification requirement for Post-9/11 GI Bill, as required by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

Definition of Terms


Change in the wording for International Education Fee per TBR email.

Previous definition read “This fee is used to support the College’s International Education Programs that promote cultural understanding and that facilitate student success in and completion of student learning outcomes through high-impact practices.