2024-2025 Catalog 
    Jul 22, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog

Multi-Campus Programs


Multi-Campus Programs


The purpose of the division of Multi-Campus Programs is to provide, through traditional and alternative delivery systems, academic credit classes on the Blountville campus and at other campus locations in support of the College’s mission to increase access to higher education for the citizens of the region. Classes provide lifelong learning opportunities to individuals seeking to attain career and personal development goals. Admission requirements for evening and distance education students are identical to requirements for students in the regular daytime program. The quality of instruction governing credit courses offered during the evening on any campus through non-traditional program formats is maintained at the same level as those courses offered on campus during the day and is equivalent in all academic considerations.

Services to students enrolled in the evening, distance education, and non-traditional programs coordinated by the division of Multi-Campus Programs are afforded the same educational and support services as students enrolled in traditional programs. The Student Information Center, the Office of Admissions and Records, the Advising Resource Center, the Office of Business Affairs, the Library, the Bookstore, and other services are provided during select hours. For more information, please refer to the Multi-Campus Programs webpage.

To respond to community needs, the division of Multi-Campus Programs welcomes suggestions and requests for arranging credit courses on campus during the evening or at off-campus locations. The office is located in Room HH100, Lana Hamilton Hall, telephone 423.323.0221.

Accelerated Course Options


Accelerated course options are designed to provide students an opportunity to “accelerate” course work. These courses are organized utilizing a seven-week schedule, therefore, allowing students to complete two semesters of course work in one semester (example: BIOL 2010  and 2020 ).

High School Programs (HSP) and Services


High School Programs

High School Programs (HSP) provides various early postsecondary opportunities to high school students in the College’s service area. Dual enrollment coursework allows students to earn high school credit and college credit at the same time. Eligible students may enroll in general education classes that are designed for transfer to other colleges and often satisfy specific high school graduation requirements. Students may also enroll in coursework that is part of various Associate of Applied Science degree programs. HSP also offers local dual credit opportunities to partnering high schools. Additionally, HSP fosters relationships with service area high schools by hosting High School Transitions Council Meetings and Career Day activities at the College.

HSP facilitates Middle College programs within the College’s service area. The Middle College is a program of study offered in partnership with a local education agency/high school that permits the students to earn both a high school diploma and an associate degree upon high school graduation. The courses/programs are taught by qualified postsecondary faculty members or by qualified high school teachers serving as adjunct faculty members for the College. For more information on any of these programs or services, please contact 423.354.5186.


Distance Learning Programs


On-ground Zoom Courses (DVC)

On-ground Zoom courses are designed to offer students greater access to educational programs and training. Selected courses are offered via Zoom among campuses. Using this format, an instructor can teach from a single location and interact in real-time with students present in one or more of the Zoom classrooms. Course content and requirements are identical to a traditional, lecture-based class.

Internet Courses (WEB)

Internet courses offer students the opportunity to complete all or part of the work for a particular course via the Internet. To complete all the requirements for these courses, students must be able to access the Internet. Students may access the Internet through computer facilities on any campus or via secure access on their own. For more information, please refer to Northeast State’s online course web page.

Hybrid Courses (HYB)

Hybrid courses allow students more time with the instructor while offering some course content online. These courses may follow a modified traditional class schedule or may meet only at selected times throughout the semester. Additionally, hybrid courses are often grouped to allow students to take a full course load while attending two days or evenings per week. For more information, please refer to Northeast State’s hybrid course web page.

Northeast State Community College Verification of Student Identity in Distance Education


The purpose of Policy No. 03:07:02 is to ensure that Northeast State Community College operates in compliance with the provisions of the United States Federal Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), Public Law 110-315, concerning the verification of student identity in distance learning.

TN eCampus


TN eCampus, which launched in Fall 2001, offers a variety of online programs and courses through its partnership with TBR’s 13 community colleges and 26 colleges of applied technology and 3 locally governed state universities. Courses completed via the TN eCampus are entirely online and transferable among participating institutions. Individuals should have basic skills such as keyboarding and the ability to access the World Wide Web. Individual counseling and assessment may result in the scheduling of additional courses to overcome all deficiencies in English, mathematics, and reading. Students interested in taking TN eCampus courses should contact an advisor in the Advising Resource Center at 423.323.0214 or email tnecampus@NortheastState.edu and review the TN eCampus Program Information

For all TN eCampus courses, students are admitted through their home institution. All degree-seeking students must meet the requirements of the admitting institution. Test scores may require the completion of one or more Learning Support courses. The student should enroll for these courses through the declared home college or university.

A TN eCampus Equivalency Table   is available for students enrolling in TN eCampus courses.

Students planning to graduate in a standard Northeast State program may replace any course in their program listing with an equivalent TN eCampus course.

For information about course equivalencies with other institutions of higher education, contact the specific institution.

TN eCampus at Northeast State

TN eCampus Academic Calendar

TN eCampus Course Catalog

Additional information is available at Northeast State’s TN eCampus web page.

Other Campuses


Northeast State subscribes to the concept of accessibility by extending credit classes on all campuses as part of the delivery system. As a convenience to students, campus classes are organized and scheduled in locations conducive to enrollment. Because of community response and local needs, campus courses are available during the day and evening at certain campus locations. To determine the availability of classes at campus locations, please refer to Northeast State’s campuses web page.

Courses requiring laboratories, library materials, computers, and other special resources are offered if the necessary resources are provided. To facilitate this scheduling, special arrangements are made for selected courses as needed. In addition, all students on all campuses have online access to the Library on the Blountville campus. Students may also use other libraries with which the College has cooperative agreements.

Northeast Correctional Complex

Northeast Correctional Complex operates as a closed cohort to provide educational opportunities to eligible residents.

Northeast State Aviation Center

Northeast State Aviation Center is a 13,000-square-foot hanger on the Tri-Cities Airport property featuring two classrooms and laboratory space. For more information, visit the Northeast State Aviation Technology web page or call 423.354.5179.

Northeast State at Elizabethton

Northeast State at Elizabethton increases access to relevant educational programming at a centralized location and during convenient times for the citizens of Carter, Johnson, and Unicoi counties. Day and evening classes may be offered on the Elizabethton campus during the fall, spring, and summer terms in varying course delivery formats. The Learning Resource Center is linked to the Blountville campus library and offers access to the online catalog, the Internet, and full-text databases. The site offers a variety of courses in liberal arts and technical and continuing education programs. For more information, visit the Northeast State at Elizabethton web page or call 423.547.8450.

Northeast State at Gray

Northeast State at Gray provides educational programming at a location more convenient to the citizens of Washington and Sullivan counties. Day and evening classes may be offered on the Gray campus during the fall, spring, and summer terms in varying course delivery formats. The Learning Resource Center is linked to the Blountville campus library and offers access to the online catalog, the Internet, and full-text databases. For more information, visit the Northeast State at Gray web page or call 423.354.5295.

Northeast State at Kingsport

Northeast State at Kingsport provides comprehensive educational programming at a location more convenient to the citizens of Sullivan and Hawkins counties. Day and evening courses may be offered during the fall, spring, and summer terms in varying delivery formats at the Northeast State at Kingsport campus. The campus offers a variety of courses in liberal arts, technical, health-related professions, and continuing education programs. The Learning Resource Center is linked to the automated system at the Blountville library and offers access to the online catalog, the Internet, and full-text databases. For more information concerning Northeast State at Kingsport, call the Kingsport Center for Higher Education at 423.354.5521, Regional Center for Health Professions at 423.323.0248, Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing at 423.354.5149, Blazier-Wilson Hall (formerly RCAT) at 423.354.2545, or Regional Center for Automotive Programs at 423.354.5211. For more information, visit the Northeast State at Kingsport web page.